I have many years experience as a psychic advisor and medium, and am very well known throughout the country.

Most of my clients have come to see me through recommendations from other clients and return again and again for regular readings.

With all my experience, seeing people over the years and listening to them, I studied and gained accreditation to become a Trauma Counsellor and Stress Manager, and now have my own consultancy in these fields. I am also a Reiki Practitioner, master and teacher.

My Duty As A Medium

  • To assist people through my gifts
  • To help others to love life
  • To help people appreciate life
  • To show others how to respect all life
  • To share
  • To teach others not to be greedy
  • To be humanitarian
  • To be caring
  • To be understanding
  • To be knowledgeable
  • To have visions for life
  • To search for purity
  • To develop feeling
  • To help interpret
  • To search the soul
  • To promote Peace!