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These pages are purely informative as I currently have no availability for past life regression. However, if you are interested in clairvoyancy or reiki I do have availability. Please contact me on +44 (0) 1388 603910 between 9am and 7pm UK time to make a booking.

Past Lives

There has been many possible explanations put forward as to what past life experiences may be, and you are free to choose which ever theory feels comfortable with your beliefs.


Are we just making it all up? I do get asked this occasionally. There are many cases that can be documented through historical research, which can prove the accuracy of the information, far beyond the chances of random imagination.


The belief that we return to this world many times in order to experience and evolve. I personally believe that this is the only concept that can explain all the experiences that I have dealt with during many hours of regression therapy.


The idea that people can access the memory of another soul, through the ‘Akashic’ records – the spiritual record of everything that has ever happened. This can be quite acceptable to some, but it doesn’t account for the continuity of character traits which seem to pass from on life to another.


A theory suggesting that our memories are passed on from one generation to another through the cell structure or DNA. This cant explain why most people regress back to many different cultural backgrounds.

“Regardless of personal beliefs, past life regression can work for everyone, so the important thing is to accept it and enjoy the benefits that it brings.”

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