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My Spiritual Tapestry


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Hi Christine

I finished reading your book last week, it was amazing what a powerful and inspirational read. I would certainly recommend it to anyone as a must read. I personally shed tears so may times as I read the sadness then the joy and shouted out “yes me too” in some parts, what a rollercoaster ride it was. I now realize why I was guided to you. You have been through such heartache but turned it all around and are paying it back with kindness.

As a nurse of nearly forty years experience and originally a single parent when I firstly nursed then lost my beautiful mother to breast cancer in her fifties, I do know she is still around me supporting me everyday as I presently caring for three elderly relatives with cancer. I can now make sense of my own personal journey since childhood as a sensitive child I had more than my fair share of heartache, even as we speak I have been off work for well over a year after a brief encounter with a tic whilst fell walking in Ireland which has left me with pains in my feet and legs, until I met you Christine who helped to heal me with Reiki. I feel this was part of my path I have found you for a reason to be healed and I now know that my purpose in life is still to be of love and assistance to others by becoming a Reiki Master and healing others.

Thank you so much Christine

God Bless You

Love Lesley

Hi Christine

I read My Spiritual Tapestry within 2 days and everything else was put on hold!

The main reason I wanted to read the book was to learn more about Christine and her life. I have been going to see Christine for readings for the last 8 years. I initially went after my dad died and even though I knew his spirit lived on I was greatly comforted when Christine told me he was in spirit and was very happy. I have since had many readings with Christine and I know I can trust her completely and I have never had a reading where the information given has ever been wrong.

Christine has helped me greatly over the years, giving me comfort and guidance and I have recommended Christine to everyone I know.

I have also just finished Reiki Level 1 with Christine and this was amazing, my outlook on life has changed and I am a much more positive person and I look forward to working with Christine again on Level 2 in October.

My Spiritual Tapestry is an excellent book and will appeal to everyone. I am currently reading it for the second time but at a slower pace so I absorb it a bit more as I was so keen to read it from start to finish the first time. There are some sad parts to the book but also parts of comfort and hope for the future.

Christine – I know this first book was a massive achievement for you but I am looking forward to the next instalment.

Thank you Christine for your help and guidance, your kindness, compassion and your sense of humour which has had me laughing on many occasions.

Lots of Love

Looking forward to starting Level 2 and I’m glad Lesley is also doing it to – is Marilyn coming along aswell?

Take care

As a Medium with vast experience I am well known throughout the country and abroad and many of my clients return to see me again and again. Over the years I have given readings to people from all walks of life, including a large number of high profile individuals. I am a Reiki Master and teacher as well as a Trauma Counsellor and past life regression therapist, helping those in need of healing and advice.

My gift was with me the moment I entered this world, though in my early years this just seemed normal to me. It soon became apparent however that I was very different to the majority of those around me. Like other Mediums, spirit has used me as a force for good. But like many spiritually-gifted people, I have sometimes suffered greatly along the path. I have been a wife and mother and know what it is like to lose the ones you love and have real tragedy in your life.

We all have problems in our lives from time to time whether it be from relationships to the world of work, finance to illness, homelife to just things in general. I never judge but use my gifts in the best way I can to help clients move in the best direction.

From humble beginnings in a County Durham mining colliery village, I have travelled the world working for spirit and attempting to help those in spiritual need. From everyday people to foreign royalty, sports men and women to those from the business world, Hollywood actors to the aristocracy, I have helped bring comfort, healing and confidence to help them face the future in a positive fashion.

I am still based in the county I love and I am sure, like everyone else, I will go on learning through both my gifts and the beliefs I hold dear. Whether a neighbour or a high profile client, we are all human beings with souls and, as such, have the same feelings and sometimes suffer the same anxieties.

I am very much a Medium for the modern world and can fully empathise with the many people of all ages who come to see me on a daily basis.

I know without question spirit has helped in the writing of this book, and my intention is to get the message out to those who may need help or want to change their lives for the better. I would like to think of it as a beacon of hope.

It is aimed at those who would like to find out more, though I hope the cynic will be enlightened also. I don’t seek to preach or impose my beliefs on anyone, simply to provide them with an insight into the life of a professional working Medium and display evidence of a much wider picture than just our existence on the earth plane. It is up to the reader to make their mind up or take things further if that is what they wish to do.

You will gain an insight into some of the people and events responsible for shaping my journey along the spiritual pathway.

There has certainly been tragedy in my life but much happiness too. You will read many real life case studies from those I have had the pleasure to help along the way.

How I approach my work is important to me and I highlight just what it is like to work for spirit. You will discover more about how we all have the power to improve our lives for the better and help those around us.

How the world of spirit can influence everything in our environment and hopefully you will learn there is something else out there. We do live forever! We just pass into another dimension as we continue learning to love and develop. I have seen the world of spirit and know just how much we can change the way we all live and approach our day to day lives regardless of age.

In recent years I have received many messages I finally recognised as being part of a large jigsaw puzzle.

Putting them together the picture emerges of a book looking back at my life and career so far. More importantly, the picture also reveals the many facets making up the world of spirit. It provides a glimpse into the future and also helps dispel the many misconceptions people may have about the spiritually-gifted and how it all works in the real world. It is amazing just what a stereotypical picture many have of those with psychic ability!

It is wonderful, however, to be able to chronicle both the major events in your life and, of course, some of the amazing feedback from clients. In this sense, I hope this will become their book as well as mine. The fact is, my life had been largely a closed book until the beginning of this project. Opening up proved to be a hugely enjoyable experience, and one I would like to share with everyone.

Many things began to appear to me during the process and there were some fascinating messages to emerge from spirit. It would seem the timing had been planned and it would prove a monumental moment in my eventful life. As a Medium I come across extraordinary stories each and every day. Each individual I see is just as important as the last, so listing the most poignant or dramatic has not been an easy task.

This is an important time for the world with great changes taking place and new thought processes coming into being. People are looking for something more in their lives and are beginning to question their existence. Producing such a book in the Year of Ascension which will be fully explained in a later chapter, is certainly not a coincidence.

I hope this book will become a tool the reader can use to unlock their own potential and seek more knowledge on the spiritual. Likewise, for those who have no such preferences, I simply hope you find this book a really good and enjoyable read. It is delivered with love………..please savour the journey!

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